Paracord ColoursWe started Survivalbands for survival paracord bracelets at the beginning of 2015.  Being the MD of a current UK business which is over 40 years old I wanted something different that my children would show an interest in and take onwards another 40 years.

We get fed up with the rubbish which is on the market and have only ever produced goods and machinery made in the UK.  The same applies to  We are using US manufactured paracord and making the bracelets here in Lincolnshire, UK.  Quality is what you pay for.  There is too much rubbish on eBay which is been sold at a fraction of the price, but you get what you pay for.  You will have to wait unto 30 days for it to arrive.  It will be cheap cord.  It is a disposable item because it is not worth complaining for a couple of pounds.

Here at Survivabands we supply handmade quality survival paracord bracelets

If you are not happy we want to make you happy.

All our SurvivalBands paracord bracelets are made to order and there are thousands of options available to you.

They are a great option for supporting your favourite football team, or even your local team.  Please contact us about the fundraising options where we donate a percentage back to your club or charity.

Why not support your school or subset / house in school by ‘bigging’ up the rivalry.  Make sure everyone knows who you are.

If you choose to buy one of our bracelets, which are not only fun, fashionable, but can also be practical we hope you enjoy it and tell your friends.