A really nice heavy duty paracord bracelet based around the traditional cobra / solomon weave. Consists of two lengths of 550 paracord where the shorter outside length cane used first, to still leave you a standard cobra / solomon survival band underneath.
This band is also great for those who want something really fashionable and chunky as it is big enough to be a bangle.

It can be customised with a metal buckle or one of our other tactical options.

King Cobra Paracord Bracelet
King Cobra Paracord Bracelet -Single Colours
Single / Two Tone colour King Cobra Choice of colours, including the two tone paracord clouds. If you would like two different coloured lengths of paracord please go to the Double Colours section.
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King Cobra Paracord Bracelet -Two Colours
King Cobra Paracord Bracelet -Two Colours
Two colour King Cobra Survival Bracelet. Heavy duty and practical. Choice of colours
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