Welcome to Survivalbands.co.uk – UK suppliers of top quality Paracord Bracelets

We pride ourselves in providing top quality paracord bracelets and survival bands  for the UK market.  We only use top quality US paracord from US GSA approved contractors.  We do not sell cheap Chinese fake  paracord which is inferior, cheap and inhabits most of the ebay stores.  FInding genuine paracord bracelets is becoming harder.  If you compare SurvivalBands paracord bracelets against the fake ones you’ll notice the difference.  A paracord bracelet will last you for many years (unless you use it of course)

All of our survival paracord bracelets are custom made.

You have the option to pick you colour, or colour mixes, measure your wrist and we’ll do the rest.

All prices include free standard UK shipping.

We aim to dispatch your survival band in 2-3 working days.