We have found a company claiming to sell military grade paracord kit under the brand Fablab.  This appears to be cheap Chinese paracord.  Even though it is a kit, the quality is very low and so is the price.  If you are going to try making your own paracord bracelets you need to try the proper stuff, or you’ll be disappointed and give up.

Our paracord is purchased directly from a US GSA approved contractor.  All our paracord is either military, or commercial quality.  The claims by others to supply made in China military grade is nothing more than rubbish.  There are ways to tell military grade, as it has to be fully traceable back to the supplier through inner strand color coding.  If it doesn’t have this it’s not military grade.

Also the best way to join different colors is to melt them.  The cheap Chinese stuff doesn’t melt properly and you can tell by the smell it is cheap.  Once you have tried US paracord you’ll know and won’t go back.

Initially we tried all types of paracord and found we got more burns with the cheap Chinese stuff.  It melts in such a way you cannot control it and you can get some nasty burns from it when trying to join colours.  The US stuff joins in a way that you have much more time and control over it.   Also the Chinese stuff is lumpy and doesn’t make good bracelets.

To summarise, you can go for the cheap Fablab paracord kit and it will make some paracord bracelets which may be ok.  Alternatively you can opt for the slightly higher priced kit from Survivalbands.co.uk which provides professional quality for a couple of pounds more.  We don’t go for the glossy packaging, we go for the quality product.  US paracord, assembled in the UK.

Our kit isn’t a toy, our kit is the business.

Be part of the proper paracord community – www.survivalbands.co.uk – 100% quality.