Desert camp survival bracelet with whistle and fire starter
Survival and Tactical Paracord Bracelets
We make true survival paracord bands which are not only be fashionable, but also can be truly practical. Escape and evade, or have something for those unexpected times. There are a number of options and if they are shown, drop us an email and we'll look into it. Options we offer are buckles with built in handcuff keys for those awkward times. Please note you can refit these keys to the buckles, unlike some where once broken out are not replaceable. A Firestarter fitted at the end can be used without having to dismantle the survival band. Just use your knife or something hard to scrape along it to generate a fierce spark. Alternatively pick on with a whistle buckle and firestarter built in. We can include a little ball of cotton wool (in waterproof tube) to get that fire started. Make the wood smaller with the wire saw which can be woven into the bracelet. Also did you bring one of the old style tins of beans without the ring pull, or pick up some bottles of Bud without the twist cap. Don't worry, we can fit a P51 (or P38 for the smaller wrist) can and bottle opener for when you need it. It can also act as the scraper for the fire starter if you don't have a pen knife with you. If you are really out in the wild and truly need to survive there is the option of a fishing line kit, complete with artifical maggots. One of the most important things life depends on is water, yet if it's bad you can get all sorts of disease from hepatitis A to Cholera. Don't take chances, we can include two water purification tablets so you can keep rehydrated during your journey. Other items we can include are 3M micropore tape for sealing that wound and we are looking to include are a scalpel blade. 500mg Paracetamol tablet If you would like something specific we will look to how we can incorporate some other unique features into our bands so they become the Swiss Army Knife of paracord bracelets.
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Jawbone Paracord Bracelet
The Viper Paracord Bracelet – Single Colour

A light to mid weight survival paracord bracelet.  Great as a fashion accessory as well as practical.

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The Viper Paracord Bracelet – Two Colour
The Viper Paracord Bracelet – Two Colour
The Viper / Jawbone Paracord Survival Bracelet from Survival Bands UK is a great looking design.  A light to mid weight paracord bracelet looks great yet is practical.
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