Superhero Colours Paracord Bracelet Making Kit


Pick one of our SurvivalBands combo packs where we have selected five colours for you, or pick our theme packs such as:

The SuperHero pack which contains fivex 10ft lengths of paracord, of joined colours (2 x 5ft lengths) This pack means you can make you SuperHero wristbands in colours inspired by characters such as Batman (black/yellow), Hulk (Green/NeonGreen), Ironman (Red/Yellow), Spiderman (Blue/Red) & Captain America (Red,White&Blue/Blue

The Ranger pack similar to the Superhero packs makes wristbands inspired by Power Rangers (Red/White, Yellow/White, Blue/White, Green/White, Black/White).

The Tactical Camo pack contains Desert Camo, Woodland Camo, Blue Camo, Black & Coyote in Single 10ft lengths

The Friendship Pack contains Neon Pink, Rose Pink, Purple, Baby Shower & Cotton Candy.

The price of the kit represents true value for money. Now you can make five top quality wristbands for less than you buy them on Ebay and have the fun doing them. Swap them with your friends, or mix their colours for 1000’s of other colour combos. If you ever get bored with them keep them somewhere for that time when you need a length of cord.

Happy Paracording.


This kit combines colours of your favourite superheroes and is great for those wanting to get started in paracording, or for those who want to make a selection of wristbands, without having to buy all the kit in bulk.  We have selected and prejoined the colours of Batman, SPiderman, Hulk, Ironman and Captain America.

This kit makes a great present for boys & girls as well as adults. Whether it be Birthday or Christmas, or any other occasion the SurvivalBands paracord kit is fun to make, fashionable to wear and practical to use if needed.

The SurvivalBands paracord kit is supplied with five x 10ft lengths of different coloured US 550 paracord, five x 10mm side release buckles (various colours), as well as two split rings for making key rings.

Also included are instructions for making two traditional style wristbands, with instructions of what allowances to make to get that perfect fit.

All the paracord supplied is manufactured in the USA; there is no Chinese rubbish here.   This in itself produces far superior wristbands due to the requirements of these suppliers being a Certified US GSA compliant Government Contractor.

All this means you can make 5 x wristbands, 2 x key rings and usually there are small pieces left over which allow you to make some zip pulls.




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